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Prof. Buick Davison

Professor of Structural Engineering

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Department of Civil and Structural Engineering
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Prof Buick Davison is a Chartered Engineer and a member of the Institution of Civil Engineers. He joined the academic staff in 1993 after a number of years in practice as a Structural Engineer where he gained first-hand experience in the design and construction of numerous projects including sports stadia, factories and multi-storey buildings. His research interests are in the behaviour of steel-framed structures, in particular the influence of connections on frame response, and sustainability issues in structural engineering. He has authored more than 120 refereed journal and conference papers and held research grants from the EU, EPSRC, Building Research Establishment, Steel Construction Institute and Corus.

Recent activities and achievements

Prof Davison’s expertise is in steel design and he is co-editor of the Steel Designers’ Manual (6th and 7th editions). He was a member of the Institution of Structural Engineers steering group for the EC3-based steel deign handbook and has contributed to a number of steel design teaching initiatives (SSEDTA, NFATEC, EURING). His keen interest in the design of contemporary buildings led to the development of the dual accredited Structural Engineering and Architecture programme. He worked with Professor Bernard Johnston (a Royal Academy of Engineering Visiting Professor) to introduce a new Architectural Engineering Designprogramme which, recognising the impact of buildings on the environment, has key themes of the development of the skills required to implement integrated, environmentally sensitive designs and the use of leading-edge building simulation techniques. The ethos of the course is to provide students with a thorough understanding of fundamental principles, an appreciation and some experience of practical application and the inspiration to improve, to innovate and to be creative. He is a Director of theRoyal Academy of Engineering Centre of Excellence in Sustainable Building Design, one of only four in the UK.




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